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February 7th, 2011 marks the beginning of yet another Social Media Week that has exploded world-wide. It’s no secret that Social Media was all the rage in 2010 for businesses but now, the question remains, how do you stay on top of the latest trends? In 2010 we saw business of all sorts jumping on the social media band wagon by the thousands but now that they are there, how do they keep their Fans/Followers interested and engaged?? Many online marketing professionals anxiously await the coveted information that will be unveiled during SMW.

As a leading Tampa SEO company, we have persistently encouraged all of our clients to reach out to their online consumers through a Social Media Platform and not to miss out on its tremendous opportunity.? While some businesses may have been initially reluctant, thinking Social Media isn’t a good fit for their business or assuming that it would have no positive financial impact, most businesses have discovered by now the genius in Social Media.?

It is amazing how far Social platforms like Facebook have come since 2004 when the only people on it were college students who simply wanted to connect with their friends.? By 2010, not only was Facebook open to anybody with an email address; businesses were also beginning ?to profit from a well -maintained Facebook presence ,and were able to add a Facebook ecommerce store.? The big question for 2011: now that we are all here in one place, what’s next?

Now that you have the “likes”/Followers, how do you hold their attention and more importantly; how do you continue to profit from these platforms?? As we learned towards the end of 2010, Google and Facebook have begun to really make you work to stay “relevant.”? You are now measured, not only by the quantity of “likes”/followers,” but by the quality of those people.? Things like re-tweeting and reposting are vital to your pages as it proves how important and interesting your posts are.?

There have been several forecasts on the potential changes in Social Media in 2011, and many of these predictions will likely be confirmed or denied during Social Media Week .? We’ll certainly be tuning in this week to see what is unveiled, so I invite you to stay tuned for an update next week!