Top Social Media Widgets: How to Make Your Website “Social Aware”

As of July, Facebook has over 750 million active users worldwide. Twitter, the rapidly growing micro-blogging platform, boasts an impressive 300 million registered accounts. Over 100 million people were using LinkedIn by the time the popular social media network for professionals went public in May of this year. That’s hundreds of millions of potential customers, […]

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Social Media Week Kicks off in Nine Cities World-Wide!

February 7th, 2011 marks the beginning of yet another Social Media Week that has exploded world-wide. It’s no secret that Social Media was all the rage in 2010 for businesses but now, the question remains, how do you stay on top of the latest trends? In 2010 we saw business of all sorts jumping on […]

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It’s Official – Your Website’s Rankings are Affected by Social Media

If there are still companies out there who have yet to jump on the “Social Media Bandwagon,” I suggest you hop aboard and quickly!Social Media has transformed the way people interact with each other, it has revolutionized the way companies connect with their customers, and now it only makes sense that the next logical step […]

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